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Quality Assurance

We are deeply committed to quality assurance in all of our processes, from product planning and development to material procurement, manufacture, distribution, sales and services, in order to offer safe and reliable products to our customers. Elle Kenya Quality Policy


Our Vision—Elle Kenya Ltd is to become a premium manufacturer of alcoholic beverages in the East Africa.We wish to grow the company slowly and steadily while keeping our core values intact.


Our mission at Elle Kenya Ltd is to produce unique, quality spirits that are second to none. We operate in ethical and environmentally friendly standards while hand-crafting ourproducts. At EKL production facility, we strive to be a destination for the exquisite craft spirit.

Our goal in creating a treasured regional manufacturing facility is enhanced by being a sustainable, low-impact, and environmentally friendly company. We strive to use locally sourced goods whenever possible in order to strengthen the local economy.

Core Values

Integrity and honesty

Customer focused

Team work

Strive for Excellence

All for the Quality

We offer products and services that meet or exceed relevant safety standards and will continue to respond to the desires of our customers and earn their trust.
  • Each and every member of the Elle Kenya wholeheartedly strives to offer products and services from the customer’s perspective.
  • We strive to provide our customers with accurate information that is easy to understand. We earnestly listen to customer opinions and endeavor to reflect them in our products and services.
  • We abide by laws and regulations.
  • We place a very high priority on the safety of our products and services.
  • We continue to quest for even greater product quality by reference to recognized international quality standards.
  • “All for the Quality” is a slogan showing our basic philosophy to pursue product quality and safety. It should not be construed as our legal obligations or commitments.

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